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Who are we ?

Created in Reims in 1972 and subsidiary of the MATEN SECOMOC group since 2012, SECOMOC TCM is a major player in the design, construction & maintenance of high capacity storage tanks made of welded steel.

Its teams are active at national and European level, mainly for primary processors or storage companies in the energy, petrochemical, nuclear, chemical, agribusiness and paper industries.

SECOMOC TCM supports its customers from the project phase to the functional realization of the need by proposing innovative technical solutions.

Our experience

Thanks to more than 30 years of experience in the field of construction and maintenance of tanks, SECOMOC TCM works on steel of all shades, of European origin, according to the main national and European codes.

We offer dedicated and qualified teams and adapt our implementation processes, always taking into account the regulations, the specifications and the environment of the customer sites (Seveso, ATEX, confined space, controlled area ...).

We intervene :

En construction

In new construction

According to innovative & tailored procedures depending on the environment, constraints and the stored product:

  • Single or serial works
  • From sheet metal to sheet metal process
  • Unwinding process
  • Mixed process
  • Mounting with or without water (bridges)
  • Different types of roofs or screens (fixed, floating, screen ...)
  • Heated / insulated
En maintenance

Under maintenance

With maximum responsiveness in response times and with dedicated teams:

  • Reconversion of bins
  • Lifting the tank by jacking
  • Leakage repair
  • Inserts
  • Background, border, ferrule, roof change ...
  • Compliance after checks
Travaux spéciaux :

Special works:

For the army:

  • Deposit of gasoline
  • Detonation chamber

In nuclear power plants, with specific authorizations, monitoring of dosimetry

  • In controlled area
  • In supervised area

Our services

Secomoc TCM intervenes directly on site, in the creation of sites or new works but also in maintenance operations surroundings or transformation of the existing one. We make every effort to satisfy our customers and offer tailor-made solutions in line with their needs and constraints. We accompany you on all phases of the project:
  • site visit
  • diagnosis of the work to be planned / help drafting the specifications if necessary
  • submission of commercial and technical offer / submission folder in a call for tender surroundings
  • design (studies, calculations, plans) thanks to the internal engineering department ECCR group (Reims agency)
  • procurement
  • On-site intervention by dedicated teams
  • global monitoring by a dedicated project manager
  • receiving / commissioning with the customer
  • submission of the final documentation (TQC, LNE file ...)

Our achievements

They trust us for their creations, modifications or extensions of sites and for their maintenance or decennial works::

Agro industry sector: Cargill, Chamtor, Cristal Union, Distillerie Rivière du Mât, Saint Louis Sucre, Tereos, …
Energy/oil/nuclear sector: Bolloré, Cegelec, CIM, Cofely, EDF, Rubis Terminal, SEA, SFDM, SHMPP, SMCA, Trapil, Total, …
Chemistry sector: Adisseo, Bluestar, Kem One, Solvay, Timac, Yara …
Other sectors: Burgo Ardennes, Blue Paper, Emin Leydier, Georgia Pacific, Lafarge, Sitrem, Saint Gobain, …

Quality - Security - Environment

One priority: our customers satisfaction.

We attach a great importance to respect our customers requirements as well as applicable regulations, protecting our teams as part of our daily business and preserving the environment through the implementation of concrete actions.

Essential values:

  • Safety and health management:
  • By controlling our risks by daily actions and by promoting experience feedback before / during and after our interventions.
  • By putting people in the core of our concerns: working with trained, sensitized and involved teams.

  • The quality of our services:
  • Thanks to a strong commitment to all levels of our organization
  • Thanks to the implementation of a continuous improvement dynamic process.
  • Thanks to the control of our subcontractors
  • Thanks to our experience and our professionalism in our achievements, in the rules of the art according to the main codes and standard of construction.

  • Taking into account environmental issues:
  • Limit the environmental impacts linked to our activity by setting up daily actions (sorting & waste disposal, green products, recycling, consumption savings ...)

Our certifications :